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Sitting in a restaurant, you find yourself fixated on the woman at the next table. You notice the way she’s dressed, and the accessories she wears. Why is she so captivating? You’re not sure. You just know you can’t stop staring.

At Just Class Jewelry, we believe elegance comes from simplicity. High price tags don’t guarantee good taste. With the craftsmanship and materials available today, it is finally possible to have stunning jewelry, comfortably priced.  Though our collections are brilliant and unique, our jewelry is not intended to make a statement of what you have. It’s more important we find pieces that bring out who you are, and the individual way you both shine.

Don’t allow jewelry to steal the show. Its job is to light up your stage.

We've Listened to You, our Loyal Customers!

Announcing Just Class Jewelry's New Chicago Showroom opening Tuesday, July 29th

Shop with Just Class Jewelry in the heart of Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

Enjoy Complimentary 3 hour Parking in our building when you shop with Just Class.

Spend the day with your girlfriends  in our beautiful  showroom and then walk the neighborhood for drinks, dinner and dessert.


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